Aphorism (II)


Strange adventures of ‘speculative realism’ tell us a lot about the state of philosophy today. Even though there is a suggestion that behind its paradoxical name lay the conceptual riches worth investigating, till this day it only served as an umbrella term or a brand. Neither the advocates nor the opponents of its use have ever tried to expose its potential philosophical meaning.


Poem (VII)


Dear friend,


next time when we have a serious talk

let’s say in twenty years

I would like us to finally resolve the dilemma

of why and how did we get here


not only despite communism


but because of it as well.



Poem (VI)


Money makes money

Careers are being built

And professes are collecting tenure credit

Just like the bees honey


Type in ‘I love you’ then send

Just like you insert the coin

Into the grand vending machine which knows to offer

“The Greatest Love Poems of All Time”

And where to find

Cheap luxurious bouquets downtown.

Poem (II)


If we had lived in some earlier times

We would have been party members

Or those

Who are not anymore.


We would have been delegated to Siberia

Or Kwan-li-so

Had we not been

Under the secret police control.


And even if we had been anybodies, anywhere

Caught in the maelstrom of the cultural revolution,

It would have made more sense than the best moment

In this devious, wasteful time of ours.


(The poem was written in the city Loznica in 2014 during the internet correspondence with Vladimir Orelj)